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Meet Stuart Morick

A Natural Interest in Health

Stuart Morick Perth naturopathWith a lifelong rigorous health and fitness routine, Stuart was always looking for a way to have an edge. In 2001, on the cusp of a job change, his wife suggested that he attend an open day at Endeavour College of Natural Health to find out more about studying naturopathy.

Having recently seen success treating his eczema with naturopathy, Stuart was interested in finding out more. A reaction to a vaccination caused severe nettle rash on both sides of his ribs that wouldn’t go away. The naturopath was the one who finally helped him find results and in only three days.

Continuing to Learn

The experience piqued Stuart’s interest in what else he could do to affect his health with the use of supplements, vitamins, minerals and more. After the opening day, he was hooked and felt connected to his own tribe. He studied a unit and quickly determined the college was the perfect place for him, completing a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) in 2009. Three years later, he opened Pure Health and Wellness Clinic.

Stuart is a member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA). He completes dozens of hours of continuing education per year, further developing his knowledge in reaching optimal health.

An Active Lifestyle

Outside of the practice, Stuart is married and has two beagles. He and his wife like to take them walking down to the river and getting away for holidays to Denmark or Tasmania if there’s time! Still keen on fitness, he goes jogging in the morning, lifts weights in the evening and does the occasional kite surfing.

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Stuart Morick | Pure Health and Wellness Clinic