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New Clients

We warmly welcome you to Pure Health and Wellness Clinic in Perth. Our professional team is ready to greet you the moment you walk into our calming, relaxed atmosphere. We look forward to welcoming you! To ensure that your practitioner understands your lifestyle and history, it is helpful to provide an overview of your situation. The necessary forms can be filled out and sent back to us via email.

You may find it helpful to speak to family members about questions that relate to your family health history or childhood. The information will guide your consultation and save time.

Your Initial Consultation

You’ll meet with your chosen practitioner to talk about your head-to-toe health. We’ll discuss all symptoms to guide us to the underlying cause so that it can be effectively addressed.


  • Hypnotherapy: 90-minute initial consultation; 60-minute follow-ups, $189 per session
  • Massage therapy and reflexology: One-hour session $99; 90-minute session $148.50; two-hour session $198 (Add aromatherapy for $40)
  • Homeopathy and naturopathy: One-hour initial consultation $110; 30-minute follow-ups $80
  • Bowen Therapy: One-hour initial consultation $89; 30-minute follow-ups $89

Health Insurances

We are registered providers. If you have private health insurance coverage, you may be able to claim a rebate. Please check with your health insurance provider.


Pure Health and Wellness Clinic | (08) 9378 2774