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Samantha Henley, Massage Therapist in Perth

SamanthaA fully qualified massage therapist with a Diploma in Remedial Therapy, Samantha understands how challenging chronic conditions can be. Lower back pain, shoulder tension, sciatica, stress and muscular pain from injury can all be barriers to enjoying life to the fullest. Samantha is passionate about alleviating clients’ discomfort so they can return to what they love in life.

Offering Many Techniques

Samantha looks forward to helping you on the path to living your best life. Offering remedial, relaxation and reflexology therapies, she believes that your body can be reminded how to heal itself by encouraging its natural systems (e.g., circulatory, auto-immune, lymphatic) to return you to a healthy state free of discomfort.

Care for All Ages

One of the many wonderful aspects of massage is that it may benefit people across the spectrum. Samantha offers skilled care to clients of all ages, including seniors. Before focusing on massage therapy, she has 30 years of experience in aged-care services, increasing independence, improving mobility/wellbeing and compassionately delivering individualised care to mature clients.

Experience for yourself the many beneficial effects of massage therapy. Contact Pure Health and Wellness Clinic today to book a session with Samantha!

Samantha Henley | Pure Health and Wellness Clinic