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Sally Moore, Homeopath in Perth

Sally, Homeopath

  • Advanced Diploma in Homoeopathic Medicine 2000
  • Registered Practitioner with Australian Register of Homoeopaths (ARoH)
  • Member is the Australian Homoeopathic Association

Sally is the Perth Homoeopathic specialist at Pure Health and Wellness Clinic.

Sally was introduced to homoeopathy through the illness of her children. Later suffering herself from asthma, migraines, muscular issues and some women’s ailments she experienced the wonderful results of relief and improved health that homoeopathy can bring.

Sally began practicing as a homoeopath in 1988.

She travelled to India and worked in a Homoeopathic hospital in Goa in 2005 and alongside two Sri Lankan homoeopaths in their clinics in 2011.

Much practical experience and knowledge was gained from experiencing these different cultures, languages and lifestyles and cases.

A few things that Sally loves about Homoeopathy.

  1. The support that Homoeopathy provides the client to find the strength they need to walk their own path through their traumas.
  2. How the remedies strengthen someone so that you and your body cope better than it used to when there has been a series of recurring infections. This is often done partly by the reduction of the occurrences and the severity of them.

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Sally Moore | Pure Health and Wellness Clinic