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Ana Peternel, Naturopath in Perth

Ana Peternel

I first came in contact with herbal medicine as a young girl. I was brought up with herbs, as my grandmother and mother made their own herbal remedies. We grew our herbs and vegetables and used them in our household as long as I can remember.”

Choosing a Career in Naturopathy

Ana chose to pursue a career in naturopathy due to having family members who were in poor health and wanting to help them. In 2012, she lost her father, who was only 46 years of age. That loss compelled her to study naturopathy, which she did in Slovenia for two years.

Education and Experience

Ana then came to study in Australia to get a different perspective and broaden her knowledge while working as a beauty therapist in Perth. She earned a Bachelor of Health Science from Endeavour College of Natural Health in 2023 and straight away started working as a naturopath in the pharmacy.

Her passion has always been skin and its related concerns but also how to reduce the signs of aging and not just feel but also look healthy in your skin. Ana also has a keen interest in mental health and relaxation techniques, which is why she offers a modality called Access Bars as a therapy alongside her consultation.

To stay abreast of the latest in the field, Ana also takes various continuing education courses and recently completed a Co-Prescribers Course. She also possesses a Diploma in Dermal Therapy.

Finding Satisfaction Helping Others

As a naturopath, Ana works holistically by addressing the underlying cause of a condition and then supporting her clients to take control of their health by giving them tools and educating them.

“The most rewarding part of being a naturopath is constantly making me want to learn more, discover more about our bodies and how to heal ourselves. It gives me internal satisfaction to achieve health and wellbeing with my clients while working with them.”

Outside-the-Practice Interests

When she’s not at the practice, Ana enjoys hiking, bicycling, doing creative work (pottery, jewellry and baking), reading and watching movies. She also likes going to the sauna and spa and engaging in sound healing.

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