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Meet Don Woodcock – The Health Handyman

Background and Experience

Don Woodcock, Bowen Therapist in Perth

  • Fascial Kinetics, A Bowen Therapy – 2005
  • Touch for Health – 2008
  • Studying and providing wellness coaching since 1980

Don considers the whole person and gently questions the person do help them identify the root causes of their condition and then develops a programme of treatment that enables self-growth and healing in his clients.

Bowen Therapy opens a window of opportunity that enables the body to heal.

Don trained in Fascial Kinetics after healing from Tennis Elbow by Bowen Therapy treatments, where western medicine in all its permutations had failed.

Special Interest

Don has a special interest in the treatment of chronic conditions such as Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in women. Using Bowen Therapy, Touch for Health, EFT and Intuitive Nutrition has enabled self-healing and empowerment to his clients. That has taken them from the feelings of pain, incapacitation and depression to being enabled with enjoyment and fulfillment.

Some have stated, “Don has given me my life back.”

Don is passionate about empowering people to create their own vitality. To achieve their goals in health and wellness.

Life and Nature

Don is also passionate about food, how it is produced and how it impacts Nature.

We are all part of Nature.


Don Woodcock | Pure Health and Wellness Clinic