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5 Ways to Avoid Back Pain

woman sitting on a couch with back pain5 Ways to Avoid Back Pain

What’s better than correcting pain? Stopping it in the first place! Here’s how you can prevent back pain:

  • Exercise more. Physical activity can actually help reduce inflammation in the body.
  • Analyze your desk chair. A chair you spend a lot of time in should have low-back support and be angled at roughly 110 degrees.
  • Ditch the skinny jeans. Clothing that is too tight can interfere with walking, sitting, and bending.
  • Don’t sit on stuffed pockets. Carry your wallet in your pants? Remove it from your back pocket before sitting.
  • Carry a briefcase or handbag with an adjustable strap and wear it over your shoulder for better weight distribution.

Of course, Pure Health and Wellness Clinic is here for you when prevention fails. Contact us for a range of wellness services from naturopathy to remedial massage and bowen therapy.

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