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3 Ways to Stick to Your New Year's Resolution

woman blowing confetti at the cameraWe’re already three months into 2022 and the year is in full swing. So, how is your New Year’s resolution going? If you’re finding your resolution hard to stick to, don’t give up just yet.

Here are a few ideas to help you continue working on your goals without them feeling like a burden:
  • Focus on the future by looking at your past. This will help you identify common themes that help you stick to your goals. Analyze a past goal to identify why it did or didn’t work. When you know what worked and what didn’t, you can develop a new approach this time around.
  • Make your goal a habit. Did you know that research suggests 40% of what we do each day is due to habits? If there’s a certain time of day that works to check-in on your goal or work toward it, set an alarm on your phone as a reminder.
  • Celebrate your progress. Who doesn’t love a small reward? For example, if you’ve set an exercise goal to workout 4 days each week, reward yourself after every sweat session instead of waiting to celebrate. After all, it’s the little things that make up the big things!

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