Perth Homeopathy

  • Bachelor of Homoeopathy, Medicine and Surgery (University of Pune, India)
  • Registered Practitioner, Australian Register of Homeopaths and Australian Homoeopathic Association

Dimple is a Perth Homeopathy specialist at Pure Health and Wellness. Originally from Ghana, West Africa, Dimple was educated and trained in India and has fourteen years’ experience as a Homoeopath. She has previously been a member of the Ghana Medical and Dental Council and the Ghana Medical Association.

A mother of two, Dimple gave up General Practice to concentrate solely on Homoeopathy in 2008, after the birth of her daughter. She has had tremendous experience in the various fields of Medicine and Homoeopathy.

Over the years she has seen the benefits of natural medicine versus modern allopathic medicine and uses her training to guide her patients individually. She considers herself to have been fortunate to have come across some ‘good’ cases over the years, which have given her tremendous job satisfaction and confidence in her prescribing abilities.

Supporting pregnancy with Homoeopathy

In her past Dimple has had good work experience in the fields of Gynaecology and Obstetrics. She strongly believes that while pregnancy is a natural process, there is always a place for Homoeopathy and other natural therapies to ensure that the process of development and birthing is smooth.

Dimple loves to educate mothers in natural cures for small problems that arise almost regularly in every home. Over the years she has seen Homoeopathy work not only for short and long term illnesses but also for issues relating to the mind such as concentration, temper tantrums, premenstrual stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, etc.

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