Bassendean Massage

  • Diploma of Remedial Massage
  • Diploma of Aromatherapy
  • Diploma of Reflexology
  • Bachelor of Environmental Science (Zoology, Botany)
  • Bachelor of Environmental Science (Aquaculture and Seafood Science)
  • Professional Member, Australian Traditional Medicine Society

Our Bassendean massage clients appreciate the therapeutic skills and experience of Daniel Hribar. Daniel is a health therapist who is Diploma-qualified in three popular, effective and diverse treatment types: remedial massage, aromatherapy and reflexology. He uses this variety of healing modalities to improve and maintain client health and wellness. Daniel’s treatments work to impact on the whole person – including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – encouraging balance, alignment and improved status.

By combining complementary therapies, the potential benefits of each individual therapy are multiplied. Daniel creates custom-made, client-specific essential oil blends to amplify the benefits of massage and reflexology, enhancing treatment effectiveness.

Treating the whole person

Daniel’s focus is not on ‘curing’ illness and ‘fixing’ injuries but improving and maintaining good health and wellness through preventative measures. He believes natural health therapy is about holistic wellness not physical sickness, seeking to treat and remedy the root cause of a client’s ailments. Results-focussed, Daniel aims to help the body’s natural healing mechanisms and restore its ability to heal itself, achieving effective, long-term improvements in client health and wellness.

Pain is the body’s way of telling you something is wrong and needs attention. Conventional drug treatments may simply mask pain signals and trick the body, whereas Daniel’s treatments work to identify the cause of the pain and rectify it. Along with a focus on trigger points (muscle knots) or other pain-inducing factors, essential oils can both lessen or remove pain and work with other medicinal actions. Through dedication to an effective holistic, drug-free treatment, Daniel resolved a complete rupture of his own Achilles tendon and returned to perfect health and function within only five weeks (August–September 2011).

Bringing dedication and experience to his patients

As an enthusiastic and conscientious practitioner, Daniel expects only the best from himself in the provision of high-quality therapy. His innate devotion to health has meant he has always been drawn to activities promoting and fostering good health – exercise, good nutrition, healthy living and moderation. Hobbies associated with health, wellbeing and fitness – including over a decade of aromatherapy and massage practice and study – have created the foundations for a great health practitioner.

With a genuine passion for effective holistic treatments and high-quality client care, you’re in good hands with Daniel Hribar and Pure Health and Wellness Clinic.

Learn about our other practitioners: Stuart Morick, Dimple Kirplani, Leigh Milne and Ankita Chavda. If you’d like a free health assessment prior to booking a first appointment, please contact us.

Bassendean Massage

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